Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Storage Units in Dunedin

We kept a large storage unit at Roslyn Storage, Gardens, for a a few years.  I was so impressed with the way I was treated by the manager then, (Vaughn), and with the cleanliness and security of the site.  It also helps that the hallways within transport me into some imagined sci fi space.

My husband and I became very adept at using their trolleys and access keys, as well as stacking efficiently.  After a few more house moves, we no longer required our large unit, and began storing our property with us.  And I found myself missing our unit.  Odd.

When we next moved, (we do that too often), I found myself automatically planning events with Roslyn Storage in mind -- calculating how many trips with their trailers it would require.  Then I realised, I didn't have a unit with them, currently.

But you know what?  When I went in to see the now manager (Nick), about what might be possible, he treated me with complete courtesy and was generous and helpful far beyond my expectations.  It has been my experience that if you use Roslyn Storage, you become a life-long customer that receives excellent service and assistance.  

But it's smart on their part -- when we require storage again some day (which is inevitable), I wouldn't go anywhere else!  We're as good as still with them, in my mind! 

I highly recommend the place and its people for all-round service.

Angela Noelle

Reviewed by Angela Noelle of Striking Keys.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

4 Foundations and a BB Cream

By Johanna over at One Girl's Thoughts on Life

I didn't start wearing foundation regularly until probably my last year of high school, I used concealer for spots etc but I don't recall getting up in the morning and 'putting my face on' while I was wearing a school uniform.

Firstly let me explain my skin. I am very fair but I can have quite patchy skin in the areas around my nose and chin which can become quite red, something I like to even out. My skin is sun sensitive so wearing products which contain SPF is important to me. I have very oily skin which responds negatively to oily products so I usually go for an oil free option although this has calmed down in the last few years so I am not as concerned about this as I was when I was in my early twenties. I don't like to use products that contain alcohol or strip my skin down because in the long run this just makes parts of my face really oily an other parts really dry. This also gives me sore skin. I go for gentle products so that when I wear make up my skin is a clean and an even slate to work with which wont react to my makeup.

My first foundation was by Revlon and I wore this for a few years. It had great coverage for when my skin broke out or needed to be evened out. When I started using this product it was very affordable. I seem to recall shelling out less that $30 for a bottle of this stuff and in Australia I would wait for it to go on sale at the Giant Chemist which would bring it down to $20. It then crept up in price and the last  bottle I purchased (a few years ago) cost me over $60. As my skin changed from teenager's skin and calmed down a bit I found this product too thick and also found that all the shades of this foundation are pink based and I needed something with a little bit more yellow in it to match my skin colour better.

So I then moved on to Sheer Cover. I started wearing this over a long hot summer and because it is a mineralised foundation it was very lightweight. The concealer that came with the foundation was awesome and I continued to order that after I stopped using the foundation. I loved this product for during the summer when my skin was a little more tanned but in winter I needed something with better coverage to cover my red areas. I also found the ordering system frustrating. I didn't want to be committed to a new supply every few months so each time I wanted a new foundation I had to join up, place my order, wait for it to arrive and then cancel my membership so that I wouldn't keep getting sent new ones and getting charged. You also get two shades of sheer cover so you can blend your own colour but I only wanted the light one. All and all, too frustrating.

Next up was MAC. I had my make-up done for a work event and liked the foundation so I purchased it. I wore this for about 6 months and it worked well for me. I still sometimes use this if I am going out for the evening and want something a little heavier. It is quite a matte finish and does shift during the day. I didn't like that I had to touch up if I wanted it to last from morning until bedtime and i'm not crazy about the smell of this foundation. At $60 per bottle this was quite similar to the Revlon foundation but with a much wider range of shades.

I was then gifted a bag full of make-up/beauty items for Christmas a year ago. Inside I found a BB cream from Korea that I just fell in love with. I have tried the Garnier BB cream and found it very thin and more like a tinted moisturiser so I was dubious when I gave this one a shot. This one is put out by a company called Missha and the cream is SPF 25. I wore this all through winter and loved it. It only comes in two shades so I wear the darker of the two but can only wear this during the colder months when my skin is at it's lightest. Once summer arrived I needed something a little darker so that I didn't have a ghost face. I have been purchasing this BB cream from Ebay for around $20 each time (plus postage). Definitely a product I will continue to repurchase.

Most recently I started to use my favourite of all - Estee Lauder's double wear foundation. This stuff is amazing. I was introduced to this by the make-up artist who did my sister's wedding. She did a great job and I liked the foundation so much that I purchased it afterwards.  It is the most expensive of the lot but I find that per application I use a smaller amount than all of the foundations above. I use a cotton bud to pick up the product and dab a spot on my forehead, each side of my nose and my chin and then using my fingers I blend this out. I was told at the make-up counter to 'start in the middle of your face and work your way outwards, like a flower'.  This product cost me $80 but retails at Farmers for cheaper when they are having a make-up sale. My favourite features of this foundation are  the range of shades and that it lasts all day long, and then some more. It is very long wearing but isn't thick and chalky. I'll certainly be using this whole bottle.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Product Review: Aveeno Smart Essentials Nighttime Moisture Infusion

By DeXaNiX at Multi Tasking Mummy

We're on a pretty tight budget. Before kids and mortgages, I would happily shell out heaps of money for hair appointments, makeup, clothes and beauty products. Not anymore.

As a 1 income family with a lot of expenses, strangely enough, my hair colour comes from a box and things like moisturiser just aren't so important. I also have really sensitive skin and so am always reluctant to spend money on moisturiser when I don't know if it is going to agree with me or not.

So when I received a free tub of Aveeno Smart Essentials Nighttime Moisture Infusion in my goodie bag at Fashion Week, I was STOKED!!! I started using it that night and have used it MOSTLY every night since, about 3 weeks now, and have been so pleased with the results.

My skin is heaps softer, even a lot clearer. I would even go so far as to say that the wrinkles around my sleep deprived, almost 31 years old eyes are slightly less noticeable.My very neglected skin on my throat is also improving nicely. It also smells delish. (The cream, not my skin... well, it does when I have the cream on, but I digress)
The Smart Essentials Range
I have had a look in the supermarket, and this product is normally $19.99 at Countdown, so not a huge expense, and I get the feeling this tub is going to last me a long time as you do not need a lot, so I will be definitely be buying it again. The other products range from $15.99 to $19.99 so now that I know it won't disagree with my skin, I will be saving up for the other products also!
The anti fatigue eye roller.
I scored one of these in
another goodie bag, and
it is fab also!

Have a look on their Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/AveenoNZ there is a link there where you can get a free sample of one of their other moisturisers.

Will now be happily singing the praises of Aveeno Smart Essentials to anyone who will listen!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pantene - A review.

Ok peeps, it's time to talk hair.

I recently purchased this lovely duo:

Now I want to be clear, I have never been a Pantene fan. I have used Pantene a number of times and my tresses have never turned out like the glossy haired beauty's from the tv commercials. Prior experiences resulted in me being out of pocket and dealing with silicone coated hair clinging to my scalp in a slimy, unattractive fashion. A wickedly un-sultry time for me. 

So a few weeks ago my regular follicle suds started to make that ugly squirty noise indicating I was about to be left shampoo less. 

I hit the supermarket pronto - clean hair is non-negotiable for me. I'm a daily lather-er. Judge all you like, you wont change my habits. 

I noticed a new Pantene product on the shelf, this did not really grab me however the 2 for $10 sale did retain my attention. 

So I purchased. I put the new bottles in the bottom of my shower while I finished off my previous shampers. Everytime I got in that shower I eyed up those new bottles with regret. Why oh why had I been swayed and sucked into buying a brand that didn't agree with me in the past.

I ran out of shampoo and cracked into the Pantene. 

Oh my gosh. I love it. 

So a bit of background. I have very fine, blonde, hair. I get a greasy scalp pretty fast and when I wear my hair out it is usually flat and limp by lunchtime. 

I don't use styling products because they usually just hurry along the above mentioned greasy, flat situation. In saying that, I do sometimes use dry shampoo if i'm going out in the evening (just to perk things up a wee bit). 

So you can understand my apprehension right?

Back to my new hair care... I use about a 50c piece sized squirt of shampoo, lather up, and rinse. I then twist as much water out of my hair as possible then use around the same sized squirt of conditioner which I rub into my hair from the base of my neck to the ends of my hair. I leave this in while I wash, shave blah blah then rinse last. 

I towel dry my hair and leave it to air dry while I do my make up - I finish off the drying process with a quick blow dry (gotta get that fringe to sit proper like).

My hair is (as promised by Pantene) light and feels pretty spit-on-your-neck-fantastic. 

I think i'm converted. 

Now the big question is, will I buy this product again?

I found the same deal at another supermarket and re-purchased. I confess that I wrote this post on my regular blog about 3 weeks ago and completely forgot to post it one here so I can now add in that I am still really liking both the shampoo and conditioner, my hair is still responding well and I am stoked. 

So if you are like me and find that your hair gets weighed down easily then this duo might be worth a try. 


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Best Massage I've Ever Had - Wayne Massage, Auckland

By Dexanix of Multi Tasking Mummy

This is a very very long overdue post, in fact it was only when I went to Auckland this weekend and planned (but failed due to time restraints) to go back while I was there, that I realised I never posted about it last time!
Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
On the 1st June, my husband and I were wandering towards Britomart with our 2 kids, and there was a shop frontage that jumped out at us, called "Wayne Massage". Now you can see from the photo above, that their massages start at $5, so we were more than a little sceptical, and kept walking. Wayne himself was standing outside giving out flyers, and as we took one, he came around behind my husband and started massaging his shoulders. Hubby is not always easily impressed, yet it was so good that hubby immediately agreed to a massage for both of us, and in we went.
Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
I sat down first and got a 20 minute massage. The lady who massaged me started in the front of the shop in a chair, then moved me to one of the private rooms where I could lie down and she could massage my back shoulders and neck properly.

I won't lie. It did hurt. A lot. But it was that good hurt, the kind you can tell is really doing something for all those knots in your body. 
Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
We were both so impressed! After often paying $60 for a 1 hour massage and still not feeling like a lot has been accomplished, both of us walked out of there refreshed, loosened up and ready for a nap, and all for only $20 each! It was just a shame that we then had to drive home to Tauranga afterwards!!

We were so disappointed that we missed out on another massage this weekend, especially as I see they now have a second branch, in the Elliott Street Atrium, which was directly across the road from our Hotel. Never mind. We will most definitely be back!!
Photo from Wayne Massage's Facebook Page
You can find Wayne Massage on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wayne-Massage/288787241209676

Best Western President Hotel - Auckland City

By Dexanix at Multi Tasking Mummy

Photo from Google Images
Our Family went up to Auckland for a couple of nights this weekend. I had front row tickets to the Designer Selection Fashion Show and NZ Fashion Week (oooerrrrr!)

We mulled it over for ages, then decided that even though hotel stays with an 8 month old teething baby and an almost 3 year old boy are rarely ever relaxing, we never get to go away, so we thought we would stay in a hotel for 2 nights, and make the most of it.
Photo from Google Images
After trawling Wotif.com for what seemed like hours, I chose the deal at Best Western President hotel on Victoria Street in Auckland City. The deal they had was $129 a night for a King Size bed and buffet breakfast daily for 2 people. I'm a big fan of Hotel breakfasts, so this was pretty exciting. Parking was $20 a night which brought our 2 night stay up to basically $300, so a big outing for a family who never goes anywhere!

Anyway, we arrived there on Friday afternoon and got checked in. I had seen photos on the website, it looked like a nice place, but sometimes appearances can be deceiving. I had a horrible feeling we were going to be let down, especially since their rating on Wotif was a self rated 3 stars.
Well, my worries were quickly proved wrong. It was a lovely hotel, all staff that we encountered were great, the room was bigger than we expected, had a view of The Atrium on Elliott, and the buffet breakfast was AWESOME. 
Nice bathroom
When we first arrived there was a problem with the air conditioning in our room, but we called Housekeeping and 2 staff members came up quickly and had it fixed straight away, and any staff we came into contact with throughout our stay were always lovely and more than helpful, and the very central location was perfect for us, and if we ever get to go away over night on our own, without the kids, that will probably be our choice of hotel.
The view from our Room

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scotch Brite - It's really Bright

About a year ago, I decided it was time to get a new toaster & kettle. So we used our fly buys + cash to get them both. I have NEVER been a fan of Stainless Steel appliances, I actually LOATHE them because they don't clean easily like white ones! But these looked cool, and the sales guy, as always, said stainless doesn't get dirty, it's dirt resistant, or whatever baloney they say! So we got them, and for the first few weeks, I was vigilant at cleaning them and then drying them, nearly every day, and they looked good. Then our dishwasher died. And good luck trying to find a dishwasher you like in anything but stainless steel! So we got a brand new SS dishwasher, which is obviously at kiddy level, and quickly became covered in dirty finger prints! Eventually, cleaning my SS appliances became time consuming, and quite honestly a waste of time, so I'd given up, I haven't cleaned them for about 6 months. Last week I'D HAD ENOUGH!; I was sick of the water marks, dust marks, dried crumbs, fingerprints and general grime.
I went to the supermarket for noodles and stainless steel cleaner - not really sure if there was such a thing, and wondering if they would be expensive and just hype-in-a-bottle. I couldn't wait to get home with my new cleaner, too bad the kids needed afternoon tea, and dinner needed preparing! So after the kids were in bed, I pulled out a micro fibre cloth and my SS cleaner, I should have popped some popcorn! It worked! IT WORKED! My kettle looks like it's never been boiled, my toaster looks like new (apart from the crumbs you can never shake out - no matter how hard you shake it), and my dishwasher, well, I just wish the kids didn't have to get up in the morning to put fresh prints on it!


So I would fully recommend this product to anyone with any SS in their house! I'm planning on getting a new kitchen soon, and wanted a massive fridge, and was reluctant to get a SS fridge, and there are only small whiteware ones... but after using this product tonight, I am getting the fridge of my dreams, and I will enjoy cleaning it! P.S. I also used this on my rubbish bin, which I just saw as I was taking photos, and it came up great too!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Classic Flyers, Mount Maunganui

Posted by The Spy

We recently purchased tickets to go to Classic Flyers at Mount Maunganui, via a deal on "Grab One". The deal was 2 adults entry into the museum, as well as 2 breakfast/lunch meals and 2 small drinks.
It was a grotty blah day when we got up this morning, and we had bribed our 2 year old that if he slept through the night last night, and didn't get mummy or daddy up, he would go on a special adventure today. He loves planes, so this was somewhere we have been dying to take him.
I had it on good authority that it was an ok place to go in the rain as it is pretty much all undercover, so we chucked our 8 week old into the front pack and away we went.
When we got there, the cafe was absolutely packed! We wandered past them all and went into the museum. As we entered the lady on the counter said as it is raining and they can't display their outdoor exhibits properly, we were welcome to keep our receipt and come back another day to have another look as well. Great news!!!
I'm not a huge plane/military etc fan personally, but even I thoroughly enjoyed having a look around. There was so much to see, and there is plenty of planes that you can actually get in to and imagine you are a pilot or in the war etc. They even had little ride on planes for the littlies to play in, which went down a huge treat.
Awesome "Fluffies!"
After walking around the hangar a couple of times, it was off to the cafe. If I'm honest, if we didn't have the voucher, I'm not sure we would have purchased any food as it was a bit more expensive than our 1 income family can afford, however that said, when we got our Bacon and Eggs, hot drinks and a side of fries and a fluffy, we were completely satisfied at our selections. Excellent food, the hot chocolate and mochacino and our little man's "Fluffy" were excellent, and all staff we dealt with were very friendly and welcoming.
Yum! Tasty Hot Chocolate
If you live in Tauranga or are visiting some time, I would highly recommend a visit, it was a unique place to go, the service was great and food was excellent. All in all a great outing!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Groceries, Our Groceries

By Stefany at The Life of Stefany

I had an iPod Touch, and LOVED it. But I still always wanted an iPhone. My dream came true about a month ago when my husband upgraded his iPhone to the newest model and I got his old iPhone! So today I am going to review an app called "Our Groceries".
I use this app on a daily basis.
Here is a list of awesome features:
✤ You can have different shopping lists, so I have: Countdown, New World, Home Shopping (which is stuff I want for the house or myself that could be from The Warehouse, Kmart, Spotlight, Briscoes etc etc), and Paul to Get - that's for the husband if I want him to do a quick shop on his way home from work.

✤ The great thing is, you can get anyone else with an iPhone/iPod touch to sync their shopping list with yours - ideally your husband/wife/partner/flatmates
✤ When I get to the supermarket, my list is arranged in order of the aisles! And when I have 2 kids in the trolley, I need to be organised at the supermarket! and the mall!

✤ If you use 3G, and go shopping with your other iPhone user/s, you can start at different ends of the shop, and it updates you and your husbands list as you cross items off - I never use 3G, so have never been able to do this.
✤ When husband is at work and remembers he wants Capsicums, or he's in the bathroom and he's just run out of hair gel, he can just add it to the list and it just updates on my list. FANTASTIC!
✤ You can add ingredients lists of favourite recipes, so you look at the recipe for "chocolate truffles" you can see you need 150g butter and just click on it to add it to your shopping list.

It takes a bit of time to set up, but you can arrange it to your local shop, mine is set up for my local Countdown where I do 90% of my grocery shopping - I had to go into the store and I wrote down what each aisle had, and then transferred it into the Our Groceries app. So now when I add "bread" to my shopping list, it automatically puts it in aisle 12.
The time it took me to set up was minimal to how much time I now save with this app. I could not live without this app!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year to all of our Undercover Bloggers!

Happy New Year to you all!!

I hope that you have had a great break and got plenty of time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. Have been a little absent from this page myself for some time, what with more than a few family commitments and baby #2 on the way (she will be here next week, by the way), but while I was thinking about you all today, I thought what better time to touch base and see if we can get The Undercover Bloggers cranking again!

It has been really quiet on here for awhile, with just a couple of key contributors posting, and even then, we haven't had any for quite some time, so I hope that with the New Year here already you have a whole host of new places to blog about/products to review. Also, if you know of anyone who might be keen to join us as a contributor, please get them to get in touch, via blogundercover@live.com, and I will get them started.

Until next time, hope I hear from you soon!