Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Groceries, Our Groceries

By Stefany at The Life of Stefany

I had an iPod Touch, and LOVED it. But I still always wanted an iPhone. My dream came true about a month ago when my husband upgraded his iPhone to the newest model and I got his old iPhone! So today I am going to review an app called "Our Groceries".
I use this app on a daily basis.
Here is a list of awesome features:
✤ You can have different shopping lists, so I have: Countdown, New World, Home Shopping (which is stuff I want for the house or myself that could be from The Warehouse, Kmart, Spotlight, Briscoes etc etc), and Paul to Get - that's for the husband if I want him to do a quick shop on his way home from work.

✤ The great thing is, you can get anyone else with an iPhone/iPod touch to sync their shopping list with yours - ideally your husband/wife/partner/flatmates
✤ When I get to the supermarket, my list is arranged in order of the aisles! And when I have 2 kids in the trolley, I need to be organised at the supermarket! and the mall!

✤ If you use 3G, and go shopping with your other iPhone user/s, you can start at different ends of the shop, and it updates you and your husbands list as you cross items off - I never use 3G, so have never been able to do this.
✤ When husband is at work and remembers he wants Capsicums, or he's in the bathroom and he's just run out of hair gel, he can just add it to the list and it just updates on my list. FANTASTIC!
✤ You can add ingredients lists of favourite recipes, so you look at the recipe for "chocolate truffles" you can see you need 150g butter and just click on it to add it to your shopping list.

It takes a bit of time to set up, but you can arrange it to your local shop, mine is set up for my local Countdown where I do 90% of my grocery shopping - I had to go into the store and I wrote down what each aisle had, and then transferred it into the Our Groceries app. So now when I add "bread" to my shopping list, it automatically puts it in aisle 12.
The time it took me to set up was minimal to how much time I now save with this app. I could not live without this app!


  1. Looks awesome.
    So for me with only an ipod touch.. I can still use it even though I wont have any net or service in the market?

  2. Hi Alisa, Yes you can still use it on the ipod touch with no problems. You don't need the internet to use it, you only need the internet if you want it to sync/update with your partners iproduct.

  3. I read a review on this once already, downloaded it...and then got put off by what seemed a very American set-up (and love for my current routine, I confess)...but I see from your review you can personalise this a lot more than I gave it a shot...I may put it back on! THANKS! Great review, REALLY good.

  4. Ah yes, I love it I'm pretty sure I did a review on here too!

  5. yes, sorry guys, I doubled up! But it just shows it must be an awesome app :)

  6. OHHHH I love it!!! Thanks girlie I'll download on my iPhone.

  7. i've been looking for an app like that!!
    hm, i only have an ipod touch but maybe my hubby can start using it... and perhaps eventually i'll also get his old iphone :)


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