Sunday, March 11, 2012

Classic Flyers, Mount Maunganui

Posted by The Spy

We recently purchased tickets to go to Classic Flyers at Mount Maunganui, via a deal on "Grab One". The deal was 2 adults entry into the museum, as well as 2 breakfast/lunch meals and 2 small drinks.
It was a grotty blah day when we got up this morning, and we had bribed our 2 year old that if he slept through the night last night, and didn't get mummy or daddy up, he would go on a special adventure today. He loves planes, so this was somewhere we have been dying to take him.
I had it on good authority that it was an ok place to go in the rain as it is pretty much all undercover, so we chucked our 8 week old into the front pack and away we went.
When we got there, the cafe was absolutely packed! We wandered past them all and went into the museum. As we entered the lady on the counter said as it is raining and they can't display their outdoor exhibits properly, we were welcome to keep our receipt and come back another day to have another look as well. Great news!!!
I'm not a huge plane/military etc fan personally, but even I thoroughly enjoyed having a look around. There was so much to see, and there is plenty of planes that you can actually get in to and imagine you are a pilot or in the war etc. They even had little ride on planes for the littlies to play in, which went down a huge treat.
Awesome "Fluffies!"
After walking around the hangar a couple of times, it was off to the cafe. If I'm honest, if we didn't have the voucher, I'm not sure we would have purchased any food as it was a bit more expensive than our 1 income family can afford, however that said, when we got our Bacon and Eggs, hot drinks and a side of fries and a fluffy, we were completely satisfied at our selections. Excellent food, the hot chocolate and mochacino and our little man's "Fluffy" were excellent, and all staff we dealt with were very friendly and welcoming.
Yum! Tasty Hot Chocolate
If you live in Tauranga or are visiting some time, I would highly recommend a visit, it was a unique place to go, the service was great and food was excellent. All in all a great outing!!


  1. Aw your little boy is so cute sweetie, a little pilot in the making.
    Looks like you had an awesome day of fun, my mouth is watering over those eggs and bacon :p and marshmellows with your hot chocolate .. Jealous!

    Kelly x

  2. OK that Hot chocolate looks YUMMY!!!

    What a fun time. I love all those pictures!


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