About Undercover Bloggers

The Purpose...
To harness the power of blogging to rave about our great experiences and warn others about the bad ones.
To shout the praises of people and companies who go the extra mile.
And to scold the ones who have forgotten that service is everything.

What this is NOT...
This is not a whinge forum.
It's meant to be a collection of honest experiences (both good and bad) from writers and ordinary citizens all over the country.

It's also not meant to chronicle every ho-hum shopping expedition, haircut or trip to the park.
It's about the extreme. The very very good. And the very very bad. Accolades and Shame-on-you's. The opposite ends of the spectrum.

What This IS...
A resource for people who want to know the great places to go... and the terrible places to avoid.

It's a way to give feedback to people on the services and products they are providing - both good and bad. A way for us confrontation-shy Kiwis to speak our mind and create some accountability. Some free advertising for people who are outstanding... and a wake-up call for those who need one.

Who Are the Undercover Bloggers?
Anyone can be an Undercover Blogger, including YOU.
You can become a contributor and upload your own stories, right here on the website.
Or if that makes you nervous, you can email me your story, with pictures and we can post it for you.

We are looking for Undercover Bloggers all over the country, and even overseas. Ex-pats and foreigners are welcome to contribute to our Travel and Tourism section so we know where to go (and where to avoid). Us Kiwis are world travellers after all!

How do I become an Undercover Blogger?
Simple. Just email Nikki and let her know you want to join the team. She will send you an invitation to contribute... then follow the instructions you receive and start Undercover Blogging! registeryour interest at blogundercover@live.com

You will need to read up on the writing guidelines. We are looking for honesty, good storytelling, humour and good information.

What if I don't want to write. Can I still get involved?
Absolutely! You can "follow" The Undercover Bloggers. You can "Like" us on FaceBook and invite your friends and family to do the same. You can share favourite posts on Twitter or Facebook. You can add our button onto your blog or add us to your blogroll.

You can save us in your Favourites and visit us regularly. Leave us comments. We don't mind if you disagree (just remember your manners, is all).

The more people we can show to be supporting us, the more influence we will have; readers are just as important as writers!