Join the Undercover Team

Who can join?
Anybody! You don't have to already be a blogger to join the team! It doesn't matter where you live in New Zealand (from Northland to Stewart Island and everywhere in between).

Can I contribute if I'm Overseas?
You can join in the team too! Us Kiwis are great world travellers and would love to have a bunch of insights about places to go (or avoid) all over the world. You can contribute articles in our Travel & Tourism section.

I live in a small town. Can I contribute Anonymously?
Yes. You can. We have created a special persona for bloggers like you. You can post as The Spy. Just contact Nikki and let her know you have an especially sensitive story which needs to be kept anonymous. She will send you the Secret Codes! (All the usual rules of good form still apply; the information has to be accurate, not slanderous or a personal attack; no swearing or abusive language.)

Can I use stories I've already written?
Absolutely! If you are a blogger and have already posted about great or terrible places you've been, we would love you to add your stories in here at Undercover Bloggers. The simplest and quickest way to do it is to copy the html code of the story on your blog, and simply paste it into a new post (in html view) here.
Make any adjustments to the story so it makes more sense as a stand alone piece and make sure to add the details (address, website, contact) of the place you've written about. You are welcome to add a link back to the original story on your blog if you like! (readers who enjoy your story might want to come check you out!)

What if I'm not an experienced writer?
That's OK. It's very simple. You just tell your story, and add lots of pictures to cover the gaps! Write as if you were telling the story to your friend over coffee. that's the style we're looking for here.

So how do I sign up?
Easy peasy! Just email me (Nikki) and let me know you are interested. I will send you an "invitation" to contribute. When you get that invitation, follow the instructions and then start writing!

To get started:
and say "I want to become an Undercover Blogger!"