Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pantene - A review.

Ok peeps, it's time to talk hair.

I recently purchased this lovely duo:

Now I want to be clear, I have never been a Pantene fan. I have used Pantene a number of times and my tresses have never turned out like the glossy haired beauty's from the tv commercials. Prior experiences resulted in me being out of pocket and dealing with silicone coated hair clinging to my scalp in a slimy, unattractive fashion. A wickedly un-sultry time for me. 

So a few weeks ago my regular follicle suds started to make that ugly squirty noise indicating I was about to be left shampoo less. 

I hit the supermarket pronto - clean hair is non-negotiable for me. I'm a daily lather-er. Judge all you like, you wont change my habits. 

I noticed a new Pantene product on the shelf, this did not really grab me however the 2 for $10 sale did retain my attention. 

So I purchased. I put the new bottles in the bottom of my shower while I finished off my previous shampers. Everytime I got in that shower I eyed up those new bottles with regret. Why oh why had I been swayed and sucked into buying a brand that didn't agree with me in the past.

I ran out of shampoo and cracked into the Pantene. 

Oh my gosh. I love it. 

So a bit of background. I have very fine, blonde, hair. I get a greasy scalp pretty fast and when I wear my hair out it is usually flat and limp by lunchtime. 

I don't use styling products because they usually just hurry along the above mentioned greasy, flat situation. In saying that, I do sometimes use dry shampoo if i'm going out in the evening (just to perk things up a wee bit). 

So you can understand my apprehension right?

Back to my new hair care... I use about a 50c piece sized squirt of shampoo, lather up, and rinse. I then twist as much water out of my hair as possible then use around the same sized squirt of conditioner which I rub into my hair from the base of my neck to the ends of my hair. I leave this in while I wash, shave blah blah then rinse last. 

I towel dry my hair and leave it to air dry while I do my make up - I finish off the drying process with a quick blow dry (gotta get that fringe to sit proper like).

My hair is (as promised by Pantene) light and feels pretty spit-on-your-neck-fantastic. 

I think i'm converted. 

Now the big question is, will I buy this product again?

I found the same deal at another supermarket and re-purchased. I confess that I wrote this post on my regular blog about 3 weeks ago and completely forgot to post it one here so I can now add in that I am still really liking both the shampoo and conditioner, my hair is still responding well and I am stoked. 

So if you are like me and find that your hair gets weighed down easily then this duo might be worth a try. 



  1. Sounds great, I am always keen for better Shampoos and Conditioners, and I must admit it has been a long time since I last bought Pantene

  2. You may find that leaving the conditioner in for only 30 seconds would improve the greasiness of your hair.

    I sometimes even go without! Takes some getting used to but really it's fine.


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