Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scotch Brite - It's really Bright

About a year ago, I decided it was time to get a new toaster & kettle. So we used our fly buys + cash to get them both. I have NEVER been a fan of Stainless Steel appliances, I actually LOATHE them because they don't clean easily like white ones! But these looked cool, and the sales guy, as always, said stainless doesn't get dirty, it's dirt resistant, or whatever baloney they say! So we got them, and for the first few weeks, I was vigilant at cleaning them and then drying them, nearly every day, and they looked good. Then our dishwasher died. And good luck trying to find a dishwasher you like in anything but stainless steel! So we got a brand new SS dishwasher, which is obviously at kiddy level, and quickly became covered in dirty finger prints! Eventually, cleaning my SS appliances became time consuming, and quite honestly a waste of time, so I'd given up, I haven't cleaned them for about 6 months. Last week I'D HAD ENOUGH!; I was sick of the water marks, dust marks, dried crumbs, fingerprints and general grime.
I went to the supermarket for noodles and stainless steel cleaner - not really sure if there was such a thing, and wondering if they would be expensive and just hype-in-a-bottle. I couldn't wait to get home with my new cleaner, too bad the kids needed afternoon tea, and dinner needed preparing! So after the kids were in bed, I pulled out a micro fibre cloth and my SS cleaner, I should have popped some popcorn! It worked! IT WORKED! My kettle looks like it's never been boiled, my toaster looks like new (apart from the crumbs you can never shake out - no matter how hard you shake it), and my dishwasher, well, I just wish the kids didn't have to get up in the morning to put fresh prints on it!


So I would fully recommend this product to anyone with any SS in their house! I'm planning on getting a new kitchen soon, and wanted a massive fridge, and was reluctant to get a SS fridge, and there are only small whiteware ones... but after using this product tonight, I am getting the fridge of my dreams, and I will enjoy cleaning it! P.S. I also used this on my rubbish bin, which I just saw as I was taking photos, and it came up great too!



    I have this problem too (doesn't everyone. why on earth do they say SS does get dirty!?? Crazies!

    I recently blogged about my magic white block, it also does the trick! (for only $3! plus it cleans EVERYTHING else!)



  2. I use glass cleaner on my bin like this...(if you already have some for your mirrors and windows). It works well too. :)


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