Monday, July 4, 2011

A meal of incredible inaccuracy - Dennys on Hobson Street, Auckland

So. Hubby, myself and our 22 month old boy hit Denny's on Hobson Street in Auckland, after going to "Walking With Dinosaurs" (An EXCELLENT SHOW, but that's another story!)

We have been to this and other Dennys Restaurants in the past and had both good and bad experiences, however it is usually quite good at this one.

I orderered a Hawaiian Chicken Roll meal, Hubby ordered a Mushroom Cheese Burger and for our boy we ordered a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Curly Fries (That's how the menu said that they come.)

So. What did we recieve? First the Manager came out with a plate with two pieces of ham and said he was sorry, but his cook had forgotten to put the ham in my roll. That was ok, mistakes happen. Then we realised Dex's Curly Fries were not curly fries but in fact normal fries (which were not very nice anyway).

And then. Yes. There was more.

Hubby bites into his Mushroom Cheese Burger only to find...... no mushroom. A tiny bit of cheese. He couldn't get the attention of any staff, and we didn't have one of the push buttons at our table that are at many others, so he had to go and wait at the counter while heaps of people were served/seated, while his meal got cold. Then when he finally gets to the counter and says what the problem is, the Manager says, get this, "Oh, well is it ok like that?... (after some silence) Oh, would you like me to get the mushrooms for it?" Well.. um. Yes Thanks, seeing as I ordered a mushroom cheese burger.

We had planned to stay for dessert but after them getting 3/3 meals wrong, we figured there wasn't a lot of point, as we were bound to get the wrong thing. So we went up to the counter, paid our bill and left, with no apology for the amazing lack of ability to manage even one correct meal at a table.

Needless to say, that's us done with Denny's in the CBD. Except maybe for their Oreo Shakes/Sundaes as those are still usually pretty good!

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