Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fluffin' Fantastic

By Angela Noelle from Striking Keys.

One brisk Friday afternoon, I hastily steered a tandem buggy through the mall mayhem with my infant crying out for milk. My milk, that is.

I wasn't fond of the idea of finding a seat in the mall's main walkway to nurse the thirsty babe, nor did I suspect my toddler (also in tow) would be happiest seated in such a spot.

A cafe is what I needed. A comfortable one. One with a corner, where I could feel discreet. One that would sell me two cups full of frothed-up warm milk, without a side of judgement.

I found that cafe in The Meridian foodcourt; Gloria Jean's, thank you for letting me park up in your cafe. Thank you for charging me 80 cents per cup of "fluffy." Thank you for shaking the chocolatey stuff on top. Thank you for saying nothing when I parked my giant wheeley contraption in amidst your tables and chairs. Thank you for the two marshmallows you generously added to each of our servings, for smiling when you saw a mother ordering the same cheap, non-menu item as her daughter, and for carrying them to our table.

Your cushioned, high-back bench seating allowed me to see to my 9-week-old baby's needs in comfort whilst my 2-year-old eagerly spooned out her treat. I'm pretty sure your establishment's layout allowed me to have complete privacy...which is a nice option, in light of recent press for breastfeeding mothers.

Great price.
Great set-up.
Great not having anyone tell me both of my daughters couldn't have a drink.

I cannot tell you enough how much better a day can be when it is broken up into moments such as these;
Thank you.

P.S. I don't even drink coffee...but I assure you, I'll be back. Again...and again.

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  1. Yay! I love it when people are not only tolerant of mothers and children but considerate too. I'll have to try GJ in Wellington and see if they measure up.


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