Friday, April 15, 2011

A Chilly Sunday at Tauranga McCafe

Chilly Sunday at McCafe

This afternoon Hubby and I decided to have a break from cleaning out the house and take Dex to McCafe. We ordered our $6 Combos - Trim hot choc and a berry cheesecake for me, a Cappucino and Cheese cake for hubby, and ordered a mini muffin and a fluffy for D. The fluffy was only 50c so we were expecting something tiny and ridiculous. Well, in the picture below, the fluffy is the bottom drink. It was the same size as our drinks!! Crazy. So all up, everything we bought cost just over $13. Stoked.

Then we took him out to the playground, and timed it just right, there was no one else out there, so he got to play in the big kids part, not just the toddler area! He loved it. We were expecting him to have a big sleep when we got home, but alas, no, he hasn't slept a wink. **sigh** at least he had fun though.

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