Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello! I'm Nikki and as of last night I have taken the reins of The Undercover Bloggers. I live in Tauranga with my 19 month old son, and my husband. I work 8 hours a week and besides that, I am a mum, housewife and blog addict.
I am very excited to have taken up this opportunity and am looking forward to promoting it and getting people "undercover blogging" again.
I am a busy girl, on the go currently is my own blog, Multi Tasking MummyThe Mummy Diaries, which I co-write with Miss Bonnie, and as of less than two weeks ago, I have also set up NZ Work at Home Parents Showcase which is a blog (and facebook page) where Work from home parents can showcase their products/services for free and I will help them to get their name out there and increase their business and, in turn, their sales. It has taken off far faster than I anticipated, and I am STOKED!
So please stick with me while I grasp this new page, please keep spreading the word about us, and I hope to see more of you all as you send in your reviews!

Talk soon!


  1. Oh YOU'RE The Mummy Diaries - I think I've commented on your birth stories...? Congrats on taking over Undercover Bloggers Nikki, have fun with it!

  2. Yes, that's me! Well, I'm half of TMD anyway. I thought I had seen your name before! Thank you for that :)


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