Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Humble Pie - A Dish Served Best At Baobab


So, after the enormous (and somewhat heated) array of feedback I got in response to my last blog on Baobab Cafe I stayed true to my word and popped on down to see what it was like for myself. And here, in front of you all, I bow my head in shame and say I was wrong, this is my first and last lesson in "doing my homework" before mouthing off. Somewhat. 

I wandered down to the cafe last Friday with a buggy clad bubs and my Mum in tow. Luckily it was a beautiful, sunny day so we didn't need to manoeuvre the buggy into the cafe and try to get it out of the way of passing waiters/patrons because logistically it just doesn't work. If you're buggying baby, make the most of the huge sheltered, sunny area outside or leave it out the front - don't try to shove the apparatus to the side of your inside table, there ain't no room and hey, that's fine.

We were greeted by a lovely gent working the coffee machine like a pro, just what I like to see. The great thing about Newtown? It's amazing coffee. And Baobab didn't disappoint. While we chose something to nibble on out of the decent (and seriously delicious) selection of cabinet food - I had a pumpkin muffin, Mum a date scone and both were so yummy I'm now drooling just thinking about them - a waitress approached the counter to take our orders. This was the only downfall. As lovely as the barista was (and the waiter that brought us our coffees), the girl behind the counter was just a bit.... meh. She didn't smile and wasn't really interested in being polite but you know what? Everything else was spot on so who am I to complain?!

The back outside area was divine - perfect for Mums, babies, kids, everyone! The food, as previously stated, was absolutely mouthwatering and the coffee was to die for. Mum had a chai latte and was overly pleased to find out they make their own chai syrup with real cinnamon and peppercorns. The chai even came garnished with a whole cinnamon stick!

So despite the OK service from one of the staff members (which quickly paled in comparison), the whole experience was fantastic. Gorgeous surroundings, superb coffee and amazing food. I wasn't able to get an idea on how they are with babies but as long as you use your initiative as you would at any other cafe and keep baby related paraphernalia out of the way and keep bubs in a cafe friendly manner I assume that they're spot on. 

I eat my (previous) words and highly recommend this lovely little cafe. So pop the little one in the buggy and mosey on down there to soak up some sun and devour some decent nosh.

PS. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so couldn't take some much deserved pictures so you'll have to let your imagination do the wandering.

Baobab Cafe
152 Riddiford Street,
Newtown, Wellington


  1. Good for you Miss Cait!
    Maybe "Anonymous" will take back some of their (he/ she???) comments too?

  2. YES good on you Miss Cait! You rock. You are a very "big" person.
    Loved this follow up to your last Cafe, and i hope anonymous will stop hiding behind the anonymous commenting feature and eave a NAME(I sadly can't remove this feature without removing the ability of ALL non registered people to comment).
    We really do want Undercover Bloggers to be a place where we ARE honest but show respect at the same time. Miss Cait is a FINE example of that!

  3. Very nice. This is the review they deserve. I go there regularly and love everything about the place, especially now that they have a beautiful sunny courtyard. I lunch menu is fantastic, it is refreshingly different from the norm. I have always had great smiley service there, but having a huge hospitality background I know how hard it is to be smiley and friendly 8-10hours a day.
    Good review.

  4. Thanks ladies! I feel much better having straightened it all out.

    @Erin - I totally agree about not being all sunshine and rainbows after a hard day's slog in hospo. I've worked as a barista and a waitress and sometimes putting on a happy face is the last thing you want to do! Hence the fact that it didn't bother me so much that the waitress wasn't sweet as lollipops.

    The big bummer is though, we've just recently moved to Brooklyn so I can't as easily go back and nosh out on their superb food! Oh well, good things are worth the wait, right?

  5. Did you tell the girl/mother who instigated the original blog how you feel about Baobob? Wonder how she feels now? Guess this is a good lesson to go staright to the source when you have a problem instead of tring to spread false rumours. Talking about a problem you have WITH someone always works wonders instead of talking ABOUT them.

  6. This is great, would be even better if you posted it ABOVE your last scathing rant on your blog though....

  7. Hi Anonymous - I'd really appreciate it if you stopped your "scathing" comments. I admitted I made a mistake and have apologised profusely. I welcome your honesty but would be grateful if you weren't so hurtful with it.

    Thanks, Miss Cait.


  9. Miss Bonnie - i don't see that you have anything to apologise for here.
    Anonymous - a review is a review - an opinion - and I'm afraid that if the cafe experience is negative one day and good the next, then the cafe makes itself vulnerable to a bad review. Getting angry and expecting a do-over review when the staff are feeling better is not quite professional.
    I tell people when I've had a bad time at a cafe, and I tell them when I've found somewhere I like. Neither is 'right' or 'wrong' - it's an opinion, and should be accepted as such.

  10. Thanks Ange! I appreciate the support :)


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