Friday, October 29, 2010

Loving Lenses Online


For well over a year now I've been getting my contact lenses online from... Lenses Online!

The reasons are simple...
  1. It's cheap. Way cheaper than going to my optometrist. Who doesn't want cheap, right.
  2. They are the exact same product I get from my optometrist. And they work perfectly.
  3. It's convenient. I click on what I want, put in my credit card details and they turn up on my doorstep (and I am lazy and try to avoid getting off my butt to go anywhere if I can possibly help it)
  4. It's quick. I order them. They dispatch them. My contacts always arrive the next day. Always.
What else do you need?? Oh, the web address of course.
I honestly love this site. Mainly because so many times I have run out of lenses right before a holiday or a party and have frantically ordered them... and had them arrive just in the nick of time.

They do free shipping on orders over $100. So if you got 2x90 packs of disposable lenses @$57 each, that would be $114, FREE shipping. That's what my 30-packs used to cost from my optometrist. It's really a no brainer.

I always get the same thing... Focus Dailes 30-pack (I really should plan ahead, order in bulk and get that Free Shipping) but you can also get:

I totally recommend this website for contact lenses!

Lenses Online


  1. Ooo - thanks for this! I usually go through a different online company that don't look as cheap!!

  2. These guys rock! I discovered them last year and slapped myself for not finding out about them sooner. Oh the money I could have saved!

  3. YUS for the online lenses!!! SO good! I use - and they've been great too (your site doesn't offer the brand I use).

  4. i really MUST tell my husband about this!


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