Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Laser Fun at Megazone


Megazone is cool. It's like being like a Jedi apprentice. When you go there you shoot people with laser guns, but they aren't real. They make a noise and are pretend. And they count up your points how many times you get hit.

You can go there for a birthday party or just to have a game with your freinds. You have to be seven years old to play.

I have been there four times now for my freinds birthday parties. It's really fun. The best bit is when you destroy the other team's base. You run through tunnels and hide and try not to get hit. If you get hit it counts down 10 seconds before you can shoot again, but you don't lose points.


Mt Wellington
I've been to parties at Ponsonby Megazone and Mt Wellington. I like the Ponsonby one best, cos the points work better. Ponsonby is the coolest one. But Mt Wellington has got bumper cars.

I'm going to have my birthday party there next month when I turn eight. I am allowed eight freinds plus my dad and my grandma, so we get a discount for ten people.

My party is going to be Star Wars, cos thats my favourite movie. Feel the Force!!!

{This story was told to Simone by Dash Who really wanted to be an Undercover Blogger}

Megazone (Laser tag)
Website with all information, prices and locations...

North Island: Ponsonby, NorthShore, Mt Wellington, Hamilton
South Island: Christchurch

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