Sunday, October 24, 2010

Krazy Cow Quilt Shop


The Krazy Cow Quilt shop is situated on the main road Levin at the Railway Station, or online at

Two very friendly ladies run the shop who genuinely want to help you. They will even cut 2.5 inch strips if you just need that little bit to finish your quilt. They go out of their way to insure they have happy clients. Krazy Cow state on their website

"You will always be made to feel welcome"

They most certainly do make you feel very welcome & I travel to shop at the Krazy Cow.

There is a lovely range of fabric including, Moda, Blank, Hoffman, Timeless Treasures, Northcote, Wilmington Prints, Stoff & my new favourite The Violet Patch.

Take hubby with you - he can sit & have a coffee while you fondle the fabric. A cappuccino was $4.00 & the best cuppa I have had in a long time at a coffee place!

Make a day of it, pack a picnic lunch - stop at the Levin Adventure Park. On weekends they have a train children can ride on. What a bribe for kids - First stop mum gets to have a look at the Krazy Cow Quilt shop, kids get to visit with the shops Eastern Rosella parrot - "Jigger" who is quite a character. Then off to a picnic lunch & play at the park.

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