Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Avoiding the Christmas Shopping Frenzy



Can you believe the shops have got their Christmas displays up already??? Ahhh who am I kidding??
Of course they've got their Christmas stuff out. It's October. Only sixty-six shopping days left did you know??!!

It's already time to buy buy buy. Spend spend spend.

I hate the Christmas shopping frenzy.
The crowded malls filled with stressed out people rushing from store to store looking for bargains while Jingle Bells plays to get us all in the mood.

A few years ago now I decided that if I wanted to actually enjoy Christmas, I'd have to plan ahead. And spread out the shopping. And grab bargains when I spotted them. Wrap presents and hide them as I go etc


I've been getting a lot of bargains on this online site, 1-Day (I get the emails straight to my inbox so I don't miss a good deal; I've gotten some great stuff for the kids already at some amazing prices).

And this site The Sniff, has a list of all the One Day deals (which is very handy and worth checking out).

Snapfish recently had a 40% off deal on their Calendars, so I've ordered those early for the grandparents etc. They are awesome, 12-pages spiral bound and printed on great quality card. They look amazing. I collect photos for the calendars all year. Their Photo books are amazing too. Gorgeous (if you sign up as a new customer you get 30 free prints - there's some free marketing for them!)

Then I spotted these My Story Boxes from Parents Inc. $39.90 instore or $49.90 incl p&p (down from $63). Today I picked up one each for the kids for Christmas. I plan to fill their boxes with little memory-treasures, photos & even print out some of my blog stories for their books. A worthwhile present, that. {You can get them online here}

And Omigosh I am LOVING Felt! The New Zealand crafters online store. Too lovely. So much to choose between. So many possibilities. Love that they are all unique handcrafted gifts made locally!

Someone said to me the other day they were sticking to the buying guide:

"Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read..."

I love that. Gives it all a structure and means we'll hopefully end up with less plastic fantastic throwaway rubbish.

I mean, Christmas has become all about the gifts and the shopping which is not what it's meant to be about.
Don't get me wrong - I love presents, I'm the biggest kid of all when it comes to Christmas surprises. Me and the hubby both are. I love Christmas Eve and seeing the piles of wrapped gifts under the tree. I love Christmas morning, ripping paper, happy shrieks, shining eyes and thankyou kisses.
But I hate the greed fest.


So my list will include for each one...

  • The My Story Box & Book
  • New swimming togs, Beach towel, Sunhat & Jandals
  • Christmas Clothes
  • 4-5 Books for Summer Reading
  • A DVD or PS2 game
  • Something for their Room
  • Something to Play With
  • Our traditional Christmas Eve PJs
  • A stocking full of yummies & little bits

There. I think that's enough don't you? More than enough actually.

So what's your Christmas plan? Are you a last-minute rush kinda person or a planner-ahead?
Have you started thinking about gifts yet, or like me... even buying some??

Or right now are you wishing I would shut up and go away with all my Christmas talk??!!

Share with us your Christmas Shopping secrets and tell us about any bargains you've found...!


  1. So strange you should blog about them... there were companies like 1-Day on the news last night! I had never heard of them before!!

  2. I bought Jarvis the most wonderful ride on tractor for Christmas from one of the one day websites - just what I'd wanted to get him for ages, but couldn't scrape up the money. Sooooo cheap! Yay!

    Love your Christmas list - I think those are perfect choices for your lovely kids :)

    Our Big Adventure

  3. Okay, you are scaring me now! BUT I needed that wake up call as I need to be super duper organized for the early posting of presses to the UK. Thank you for the heads up on those boxes - gorgeous idea! Right, best get planning (urgh!) and I have Sophie's 5th Birthday on Boxing Day and her party on the 18th...! I might just go bury myself in the sand and you can come dig me out when it's all over okay?!!!


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