Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free "Fluffies" at Esquires cafe in Tauranga


So this will be a quick review for my first post, but yesterday Hubby and I took our 1 year old son to Esquires Cafe, in the Goddards Arcade in Tauranga, so that he could try his first ever "fluffy"

When we got there, we received EXCELLENT service, and were told that we could have a free fluffy for our son when adults are purchasing something. This in itself was great news, although we expected a cup with just some fluff and nothing else.

We received our drinks and food, and out came the fluffy. Needless to say our son was estatic to have his own drink all to himself, and the girl that bought it out explained it was very weak hot chocolate underneath a whole lot of fluff, with chocolate powder sprinkled on top and a couple of marshmellows, all in a cute little cup.

Well, there is a couple of photos below. It was a messy experience, but he had a great time and the fact that the food and drinks there are a little on the expensive side was more than made up for by the excellent free fluffy!

Excuse our son looking a little tired, he was way overdue for a sleep by then!

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  1. This seems to be a standard Esquires thing. In Auckland (St Lukes) I took our wee girl and got a chocolate-less fluffy (so a steamed milk) but it still came in a little cup, with 2 marshmallows on the side (which she enjoyed thoroughly). Our coffee group also meets regularly at the Esquires in the Central Library where I think they have up to 3 free fluffys with an adult coffee purchase.


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