Thursday, September 16, 2010

Romantic Restaurant = Great Date

You know how it is sometimes when kids come on the scene? Romance can tend to get lost in all the chaos and busyness. It's something we have to be deliberate about, which I am not always good at.

Since I have been a little distracted with the raising of three rascals, the upkeep of one domicile and the endless blogging all that entails, it would seem that my poor hardworking man has felt a little bit neglected. Overlooked. Uncared-for.

It never even occurred to me before that I could be the one to book a babysitter, plan a date night, take the initiative. Old fashioned girl that I am! Sitting around waiting for the man (who happens to be my husband! duh!) to ask me out??

Realising my neglectfulness (after a few "marital discusions"), on Friday I took the bull by the horns, and for the first time ever in our marriage I initiated a Date Night. On a whim I booked a babysitter. In a burst of enthusiasm I googled "Italian restaurants" and booked one that looked good.

Then I sent my hubby this email:

Dear Handsome Husband
I am taking you out tomorrow night.
The babysitter is Booked. She will arrive tomorrow night at 6.30pm
The Restaurant is Booked.
Somewhere cosy and with excellent reviews.
Your favourite kind of food... Italian!

The Agenda... Relaxing and having Fun.
The Conversation... Light!
Banned Topics... Anything heavy or tasky

Wear: Your handsome best going out gears and spray on plenty of the Red Water aftershave...

Here's hoping for a great night out!
The Missus

I was stoked at how pleased he was! It was a revelation to me how important it is for him that I take the initiative. How much that says to him: "I love you. You matter."

We had a great time. The restaurant, DaVinci's was perfect; our table, fireside. Cosy, good food, great service.

The hubby had some delicious looking seafood dish for startes. Now I am not one for seafood but he let me taste a bit (I think it was scallops?) and it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. My garlic bread was dripping with buttery garlicky goodness. We each had a different type of pasta for our mains; he had the Italian sausage pasta dish and I had a creamy tagliatelli. Aside from my blocked nose (which reduced the taste somewhat) I can say, I have not enjoyed a meal more in ages.

And the house Chianti (appropriately called "Da Vinci") was the nicest red I've had maybe ever. I'm more of a chardonnay girl usually.

Now for me, the difference between a good restaurant and a great one is the Dessert Menu. I have a sweet tooth.

And Da Vinci's did not disappoint, with THE BEST Tiramisu I have ever had. Delicious.

Apparently DaVinci's has been there for over 30 years and people just keep coming back. I can tell you why - it's unpretentious, re;axed, great food and freindly unobtrusive service. the perfect combination for a date night. Plus it's not overpriced either, with a wide range of dishes to suit all date-night budgets (especially when you have to factor in babysitters!)

Keeping the Romance alive requires a bit of effort but it's all worth it. We'll be back, for sure.

DaVinci's Italian Restaurant
5 City Road, Grafton (across from the Langham hotel)
Auckland City
Phone (09) 3732843 Fax:(09) 3774093

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