Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Whole New World (Mt Roskill)

The other day I had a stand-out great experience at a new grocery store. For years I have been a lazy and happy online shopper, but our family's recent entrance into the world of Gluten Free has exposed the limitations of my beloved Online Shopping (with a rubbish GF range).

So I thought I'd give the brand new New World in Mt Roskill a go. And oh boy, I am a convert. This is a shiny new store with acres of gluten free goodies in all the right places (GF pasta with the other pasta, GF cookies with the other cookies etc; all highlighted with a bright green sticker). Lovely.

And the staff! They are all smiley and shiny happy people. They actually help you if you ask. Or even if you are just standing looking confused some on-the-ball staff member is likely to drop what they are doing and steer you in the right direction.

On my third expedition to my new shopping hang-out, I was hunting for my favourite GF bread (Venerdi), not having any luck. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a crisp white shirt emblazoned with the New World logo, and so I turned to the wearer and asked, "Excuse me, can you tell me where the Venerdi bread is??"

This well-turned out gentleman promptly scoured the appropriate shelves, and then went off to the back room, returning waving a loaf.

"We've been cleaned out after our tasting on Saturday," he explained.

We chatted for a moment on the merits of Venerdi GF bread (yummy) vs the other stuff (polystyrene) and he invited me to drop any suggestions for products I'd like to see in the suggestion box. {Stay with me, I'm getting to it}.

Then as I was lining up at the checkout, this gentleman re-appeared with yet more bread and... a loaf of the in-store baked stuff.

"Would you like to try it?" he asked.
"Er, no I think I'll just stick with the Venerdi..." I replied.
"Take it. You can have it for free," he said, and instructed the (smiley shiny happy) checkout operator not to scan it.
"Wow, thanks! That's very kind of you!" I gushed, as he walked away with a smile and a wave.

Russ cutting the Ribbon
"Do you know who that was???" asked the checkout lady. I shook my head, no.
"That was our store owner! He's great! We all just love working here... oh and has anybody ever said that you look a bit like Julia Roberts??" {I kid you not. That's what she said. Ha!}

Wow. So now I know why the staff are all so enthusiastic, service oriented and helpful. It comes down from the Top.
And the bread, by the way, is actually Yummy. I made it into garlic bread for Miss Fab tonight and YUM! Not like polystyrene at all. She gobbled it up and so did I. The Store Owner's name is Russ Wilkinson, and it is obvious that he takes huge pride in his store and it is reflected in the attitudes of his staff.
Every time I go there, I remember why I am no longer shopping online.
I am now a regular shopper thanks to Mt Roskill New World!

New World Mt Roskill
53 May Road
Mt Roskill, Auckland

Phone: (09) 621 2050
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 7am-10pm


  1. site looks great! I actually have a review I would like to contribute... I haven't written it or anything but it's an experience I'd like to share, is there anyway of writing it here, or do I post it on my blog first? Cheers!

  2. Must be a New World thing. Because I love my city new world too (Whangarei). Great service and friendly staff. Makes a huge difference to the grocery shopping experience.

  3. There's an independent Gluten-free bakery on Mt. Eden Road at Symonds (across from the big green pub). New World doesn't need your $$$: support small businesses!

  4. Thanks Tommynomad :)
    Supermarkets are very useful for mothers with kids in tow who can't easily get to specialty stores, so having GF products available there is very important...
    but we would love to hear more about the GF bakery in Mt Eden... would you write up a story about it so more people can find it?
    That would be great if you could :)

  5. Decided to shop here on the way home and is very nice. I like a good Deli too and enjoyed perusing. Also a good selection of Stage 3 baby food (suprisingly hard to find) for those days when your not on top of meals! Thanks

  6. I like your story!So nice to see some people so interested in their job!

    I love Venerdi bread as well!
    They have just created a Facebook page !
    I've just seen ,the full flavour six seeds has been awarded as the best gluten free product of the year by the healthy food guide magazine !
    yummy !


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