Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Very Fine Finish

We've been having a bit of a run of bumper crunching in our people mover lately. First the back bumper (me) and then the front one (hubby).

Thankfully the insurance paid out both times, so all we had to do was pay the excess, and find an approved panel beater.

The hubby had come across this crowd called Fine Finish in his business breakfast group so I left it all up to him. After I crunched the back bumper, hubby took the car in to Fine Finish and brought it back home looking all shiny and new. Great. A new bumper. But nothing to rave about here, right?

Well yesterday I had a call from Fine Finish. The car was ready to pick up, they've fixed the front bumper now (replaced the whole thing). Oh and they needed the loaner car back (they gave aus a nicy shiny loaner car too). A bit short notice, but I had half an hour, I could manage it before school pickups...

I turned up to swap vehicles, and there was my poor old Odyssey... looking all shiny and new with it's brand new bumper.

I swapped vehicles, paid the excess and then opened my car door... to be hit by a wave of perfumed air. Whatthe?? And the floor! It had been all crumby and leafy with kid debris... now it was spic and span, vaccumed to within an inch of its life.

Fine Finish had valeted my car for me.
All they had to do was replace the front bumper.
And they went the extra mile and cleaned my car!!

I floated home in my sweet-smelling people mover and accosted my hubby: "What's up with that? Do they always valet people's cars?"

Apparently yes. They like to give a Fine Finish. It's their point of difference. Great service is their hallmark.

I just couldn't let it go unnoticed or unrewarded. Great service is hard to come by sometimes.

So I thought share it with you all because I was so impressed.

If you have a crash or a ding or need your car painted and you live in Auckland... Fine Finish will do the job beautifully and go the extra mile. Did I mention I am so impressed?

Fine Finish Panelbeaters
5 Cunard StreetNew Lynn
West Auckland
ph: 09 827 1756
fax: 09 827 1760

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