Thursday, September 8, 2011

ProfessioNAIL, Westfield Pakuranga, Auckland

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I was lucky enough to be pampered, with a Mother's Day voucher that had been given to me by the kids, at a place called ProfessioNAIL.

My contact with them started with a phone call, made by me, about 9 o'clock in the morning. The phone was answered promptly, but there the good things stopped. The lady on the end of the phone couldn't speak English very well at all. I asked what the latest appointment of the day was. She replied 'whenever I liked'. So I asked how late they were open, and she seemed thoroughly confused. I asked if I could come at 8pm, knowing that the mall shut at 6pm, and was told I could. She then told me they didn't take appointments, that you just turn up.

So turning up at 5.30pm, this lovely lady took me through, and speaking clear English asked me what I'd like done. I explained I had a voucher and no idea what I wanted done. She showed me various options, and I picked a French Manicure, a total value of $23NZ.

Sitting down, in a comfy seat, with nice soft music in the background, she started with tidying up my cuticles, this included a massage of my hands. It was very pleasant.
With nice little fans, to blow away the smell, down to nice smelling moisturising lotion, it was all very nice, until 15 minutes in, a vacuum cleaner was started up, and the place started to be cleaned. This included various towels and other washing being picked up from around me, chairs being moved around roughly to allow vacuum cleaner through, and the workers talking in really loud voices in their native tongue.
So that kind of ruined the nice relaxing atmosphere that had been there, and what I'd been looking forward too.

The end product was lovely however, and I'm really impressed with how nice it looks.

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  1. yea i've had a similar experience there. I find that spending a little more and going to a beauty salon seems to be worth it. I've had a few bad experiences with nail 'chain stores', i've had my cuticles on my toes cut till they bled and then when I complained that they hurt the woman took the polish off with nail polish remover - while I had an open cut OUCH. I was then only given $4 off the end price. I wont be returning.


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