Friday, September 9, 2011

Borne Naked Liner

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I recently received a product, called a Borne Naked Liner. Basically, it's a clear bag, that you place your items in, and then put the liner into your handbag. I was sceptical to say the least, I thought it sounded like a complete and total waste of time and space.

I had thought about clearing my handbag out, just so that you couldn't see the state of it before I cleaned it up. *blush* As a mum of 5 I have an awful lot of crap that I carry around with me, and end up with bits of food, daisies by the bucketload, used wipes, and various other indistinguishable items. So here are the 'before' pics.

Yeah I know, it's awful, but I'm a mum - that's  my excuse. LOL

The Borne Naked Liner:

The package arrived and I was really impressed! A nice box, and this beautifully wrapped liner, in soft pink paper. Ahhh it made you feel like a woman LOL
My first impression was that it was really stiff, hard plastic, that it was going to be very heavy in my bag.
It did however appear to be very good quality, nice sized pockets, and zipper worked well. None of this cheap crap here!
So then I got down to the business of moving all my handbag stuff into the liner. I didn't think everything would fit.

From the top looking down


Everything fit perfectly, and everything had a place. Still sceptical, I placed it in my handbag.

The finished product
The final word:

It wasn't anywhere as heavy as I thought it looked, and the stiffness I was worried about meant it stayed nicely in place.
3 weeks later, I still have a nice tidy bag, and use it every day! I am a convert. It is amazing, and I have no idea how I coped without it.
Everything has it's place, and I know immediately when something is missing. I am able to find a pen at a moments notice, and can even get out chewing gum while I'm driving (something I would never do, honest copper).


  1. :) they are great arent they :) :) :)

  2. Looks like a bag within a bag!? But I can sorta see how it works, I think, heard it makes it easier to change between bags but I guess if you only have large bags!

  3. They have different sizes, so yeah, it's a bag in a bag, but makes it much easier to change, specially if you have a nappy bag, then go out and be a lady ;)

  4. I have the same reservations you described, but it IS a big pain switching between bags. Might try this liner if I saw it for a reasonable price.


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