Thursday, May 19, 2011

Product Reviews - Sleep Ease Blend from Le Esscience

By Nikki Bollen from Multi-Tasking Mummy

I started using the Sleep Ease Blend, at Gillian's suggestion. I am a very restless sleeper, after 9 months of pregnancy and then a further 9 months at least of waking 3+ times a night, almost every night, thinking I had smothered my baby (who wasn't even in the bed) as well as 18months post-baby of back troubles, I was getting a bit past the point of being over tired. This is a record of my first 7 nights. 

Night 1 - I woke up feeling not the best, but I know that it will take awhile to kick in. Also, I only had about 6 hours sleep due to being up late working, so this was never going to help. I was also apprehensive about using a new product, which made me a little edgy.
Night 2 - I woke up feeling a little better, I know I slept more soundly last night that I have been, but the difference was only mild.
Night 3 - I didn't wake up the entire night! I know this because I am shocking at checking my phone everytime I wake up, and this time there was a text on my phone that had been there since 11.30 the night before. I was much more productive today, I got heaps of housework done and my mood was a little better.
Night 4 - I actually woke up not feeling like I had been hit by a truck today! I had the house tidy before morning tea time, and my little boy got a lot of playtime out of me.
Night 5 - I went to bed at a reasonable hour, and didn't wake until 8.30 when my little boy decided to wake up. This is the most sleep I have had in one block in well over 2 years.
Night 6 - I went to bed really late and was so tired that I forgot to use my Sleep Ease. Whoops. 
Night 7 - Used a little more of the oils tonight, more under my nose. This seems to have helped a little and I had another great nights sleep.

Bring on more good nights sleep, I might start feeling like an energetic mummy again soon!


  1. This sounds amazing...sometimes I soak my feet in epsom salts and lavender to help with sleep and sometimes I take 5-HTP supplement. it helps turn off my brain.

  2. It is an amazing product! I highly recommend trying it. Have taken 5HTP in the past and it worked well, haven't tried the epsom salts though, could be worth a try.


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