Thursday, December 9, 2010

Motat Nights Christmas Lights


I love finding cool (inexpensive) things to do as a family around Christmas, and this year Motat is putting on something pretty cute.

Motat Nights, Christmas Lights is in Motat's Victorian Village (entry is a gold coin donation through the service gate on the Speedway side). Plenty of Free parking on that side street.

Every Saturday and Sunday night from now until Christmas, 8pm til late the Victorian Village is alive with twinkle lights and fun.

The Blacksmith is forging stuff in his smithy.

A sweetmaker is making his sweets. Giant lollipops, super candy canes. You can even have a go making them yourself. For $2 each. Oh and they are delicious.

There's mulled wine for sale. The spicey smell nearly knocks you over; it's so strong it will take you all night to drink it. If you're driving you'd better share it with a friend. Best not take the risk, that stuff is potent.

There are staff dressed up in Victorian garb wandering around striking up conversation, initiating old-fashioned games. Like stilt-walking, horseshoes, tug-o-war and sack races. Make sure you're there before the sun sets, it gets hard to see after dark.


The brass band plays on the green and the twinkle lights twinkle as your kid cries for another $2 hand-made lollipop and your baby begs for mulled wine... It's lots of fun and very sweet.

Just the thing for a Christmas family night out.

Great North Road, Western Springs Auckland

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