Thursday, December 23, 2010

Become Someone's Angel


We have just returned from a photo-scavenger hunt around town to benefit Auckland City Mission.

Seeing as Christmas is the season of giving and there's nothing I hate more than spoilt selfish brats, I figured it would benefit us all to give some things to those less fortunate than us.

So I went online to Auckland City Mission to find out about donating stuff and came across this cool thing:

Take photos of yourself (and others) and upload onto the City Mission Facebook Page. Their Sponsor will donate $5 to them for each photo uploaded!

Fun in the City for free that benefits someone else... what more could you want?

So I printed out a list of where the Angel Wings are dotted around the place, packed up a bag of munchies, some silly hats and off we went.

First we called into the Mission to drop of some bags and boxes of things we no longer need, but that have plenty of life left in them. The kids helped sort the stuff out, take it in and hand it over. I wanted them to be part of the giving.

Then we tried to find some wings to pose in front of.

One grinchy store (Global Dive) had taken the wings down. Boo. It spoilt their Window Display.

There were six of us in the van, so a photo each in front of the Wings at Wellington St Dairy ($30 for the Mission) and another at TVNZ (right by the front entrance) - another $30 for them.

Scrag was starting to "lose it" then so we gave up after just two photo locations. But it was fun. And all for a good cause. And it helped focus the kids on Giving and those who don't have the luxuries we take for granted.

So If you're at a loose end in Auckland go looking for some Angel Wings and snap some pics, then upload them to the Mission's Facebook Page.

Merry Christmas!


  1. what a cool idea!!!! What a lovely bunch of angels too lol!!

  2. What an awesome idea, looks like you all had fun


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