Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Napier Botanical Gardens

STORY BY Jen snapshots 2010

This afternoon we got rid of the stale bread that has been sitting in the bottom of the freezer for sometime.

We went to the Napier Botanical Gardens at the top of the hill. There are many paths to follow. "Tigers and wild animals" have been known to lurk within the trees according to my 4 year old. A great place to explore. The gardens are tended by many gardeners one of which is a friend of mine. If you get tired they have seats spread among the gardens to take a rest on. This place is also steeped with history for example the well is about 152 years old, it was made for the British troops that were stationed here then. A nice place especially on a sunny afternoon and unlike some botanical gardens all this beauty is free for the wandering within.

Napier Botanical Gardens
Accesses off Spencer Road and Napier Terrace, Napier Hill

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