Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Library Cafe: Everything Friendly


My sister called last night and said, "Hey lets meet for lunch seeing as it's school holidays..."
I knew just where to take her...

The Library Cafe in Onehunga is not far from her work, and is ultra kid-friendly as well as having a great gluten-free selection.

My sis is gluten intolerant and I am recently gluten-free, so a cafe with GF options is high on our list.
How can I not rave about this gem of a cafe?
Firstly the architecture. An old library, turned into a stunning cafe in two parts.

There's the kid-free Reading Room, lined with books for a peaceful escape... (one day I will make it in there I swear)

And the Other Bit. The bit for those of us with noisy kids in tow. Which is equally gorgeous but equipped with an indoor play corner full of great toys...

...and opening onto a terrace complete with kiddy playstuff and a big slide. Bliss in summer, when they even have a bouncy castle. It's all fenced, lots of room to run. Brilliant.

We front up to the counter and peer into the cabinet in search of the famed gluten-free offerings.
Oh dear. Did I speak too soon? I can't see anything that is obviously gluten free!

I ask the girl behind the counter, where is the GF stuff??

She indicates the whole top shelf. And the second shelf. All labelled with different symbols. Dairy free. Wheat free. Gluten free. Diabetic friendly. Peanut free. I am in cafe heaven as I realise that the luscious looking caramel slice is within my dietary reach!!! Oh joy.

My sis orders drinks and the slice for us, I order chicken salads for us both and a couple of kids packs for my boys. They come with drink, snacks, fruit and a toasted sandwich. They even have a special delicious gluten free version (but my GF daughter is away today so standard ham and cheese toastie will do).

At first it's impossible to enjoy my surroundings, as my little guy is in one of those moods. It starts with him stealing my caramel slice (well, it is delicious, I really can't blame him) and ends with my attempting to wipe his snotty nose and him melting down in a puddle of screams. not like him at all. Boo!

A lovely motherly staff member comes up and asks if he's OK, suggests kindly that I take him outside to calm him down while she gets our table all sorted.

Eventually the screams turn to giggles and he runs off to chase his brother and play on the slide.

Back to the caramel slice. Mmmmmm, divine. Real chocolate on top. I would never have known it was GF.

Coffee = good. Salad = average. Overpriced and a bit overly-leafy. But still.

The joy of coming to a great kid friendly place where the kids can run around and you can choose allergy-friendly food?? Fabulous.

Next time I'll avoid the salad and stick to the caramel slice. Heaven in a Slice. Yay for the Library Cafe.

The Library Cafe Onehunga
55 Princes Street
Onehunga, Auckland
Ph 6367292


  1. They also do delicious gluten free pancakes, sweet corn fritters and they have gluten free bread which can used in place of normal bread from their menu items.

  2. Oh and if you join their emailing/newsletter list they often email out discount vouchers such as 2 menu meals for the price of 1! Makes it such good value!


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