Monday, October 11, 2010

Meal Sensations...of the Wattie's Variety

From Johanna over at one girl's thoughts on life

We've all seen the ads on TV.
I of course jumped on my laptop and downloaded the voucher - I love a good voucher.
I put it in my handbag ready for use next time I went to the supermarket.

The opportunity presented itself sooner than expected. I found myself browsing the aisles of Pak N Save Petone and gleefully selected my 'Meal Sensation' from the frozen food section. I spent a good 5 minutes deciding the flavour I was going to go with. 

Once at the check out I presented my voucher with a wicked grin only to have my smile downgraded to a confused somewhat annoyed grimace when the girl pertly advised that they (Pak N Save) do not accept printed vouchers. I somewhat impatiently pointed out that the voucher stated:

This is an internet based
coupon. Black and white
copies are acceptable. Any
questions in relation to this
offer please phone 0800 653
050. The coupon is issued by
Heinz Wattie’s Limited. This
coupon is non-assignable
and will be redeemed only on
the product stated
specifically on this coupon.
The coupon is limited to: one
coupon per product per
customer. Coupon expires on
07 November 2010

Lets just say I was pretty peeved and felt a bit ripped off...AND embarrassed because I had waited and held up a queue for a good 15minutes while check-out lady confirmed with manager whether my voucher could be used. Which was a rather rude NO.

I packed my groceries into my car and headed home. Once back in my little house I logged onto the Wattie's Website and sent them a lovely little note just explaining my experience and that they might want to set the record straight at ol'Pak Petone.

Less than 10 minutes later my cell rings and a LOVELY representative from Wattie's is asking me what happened and she is terribly sorry I had a bad experience. She said she was putting vouchers in the mail PRONTO to make up for my trouble. 
Phone call ends... Johanna is one happy lady and very impressed at the prompt phone call and delightful woman on the other end of the line.

The next day...another phone call from Wattie's...another apology and 'we just wanted to advise you that we have contacted Pak N Save Petone and set the record straight so all other voucher redeemers wont have an issue there.'

45 minutes ago...Phone call from Wattie's yet again. "Johanna we are so sorry that you  missed out on trying our new Meal Sensations. Will you be home at 5pm today? uh....maybe....why? Because our manager Craig is going to nip over to your house to hand deliver some samples to you along with a few other freebies just because we want you to know how valued you are as a customer."

Five minutes ago I was delivered: 

And all of this because I wrote in to let them know about the miscommunication between Wattie's and Pak'nSave. 

Bless you Wattie's - I will forever sing your customer-service praises.


  1. Wow - Watties rocks!! As for Pak'nSave...

  2. Great story! I am so impressed by Watties!

  3. Yus! Love this post, Johanna...and you KNOW how I feel about experiences like this one!


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