Saturday, September 25, 2010

Turkish Food-lovers' Delight


I once had a hankering for Turkish garlic bread.

It looks like this.

And tastes like this:

So I went in to get some. The little bell at the door sounded my arrival, and I giddily trotted to the counter.

But no one came to greet me.

I signed the petition supporting more severe penalties for animal cruelty.
I read the wall menu.
I lamented lacking the budget to sample the pistachio Turkish Delight in the glass jar on the counter. Pistachio flavour! Pistachio.
I scanned a magazine.
I leaned in attempt to peer into the kitchen, out back.
My gaze returned to the Turkish Delight.
Nope, I only came for the garlic bread. I could only afford the garlic bread. I would only get the garlic bread.
Still no one.

Then I decided I should try coming in the door again.

There appeared the familiar face of the owner, no less.

With many apologies, he took my order, and swiped my card. I was chatty and cheerful - because I would be eating Turkish garlic bread soon.

Apparently someone was on the phone elsewhere in the building (preventing eftpos use). The owner apologised even more...then offered me a bag of complimentary pistachio Turkish Delight for "all my trouble".

Me = happy camper.

Thank you, Yilmaz, for being an example of gooooooood service.

Yilmaz Dunedin
906 George St Dunedin North
Phone 0800-YILMAZ

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