Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best Boston Bakery


It's 6:56am in our house in Mt Albert. The kids are up early and they're talking pink eyes or blue eyes, green noses or red noses?

Saturday mornings in our house means an all-important trip to the Boston Bakery.

The Boston Bakery is a fantastic bakery in Mt Albert with the best baguettes, pies and the all important Gingerbread Man. For special occasions there's custard slices, muffins and birthday cakes.

As soon as we're in the door, the kids scan through the options; green eyes, pink eyes, which one will they choose? The guys behind the counter love helping the kids and are always helpful to make sure the right one is selected.

As for me, today I choose three baguettes and when I get home what's left of them (we always have to eat some on the way home) they are bound for the frying pan and for the morning's eggy bread.

Boston Bakery could be the best bakery in Auckland. Or even New Zealand. It is in our house anyway!

Boston Bakery
914 New North Road
Mount Albert 1025
(09) 849 7037

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