Monday, August 15, 2011

Gengy's Mongolian BBQ

Posted by Boysmum2 over at Life Today

When my boys went to stay with Grandma, they had the pleasure of eating out here, Gengy's Mongolian BBQ.

Now I have never had the pleasure and was a little unsure of how the whole process worked.
So last weekend I decided we needed to venture forth and conquer.
I invited Grandma to join us, for moral support etc.

I will never know what I was afraid of?
If you have never been to Gengy's then now is the time to go.
Unlike other buffet restaurants where you pay to eat as much as you like of the prepared food on offer here at Gengy's you pay to eat as much of the food that you choose that is then cooked how you like it, when you want it. Ok they only serve stirfry, but when it is cooked to your own liking with you own personal ingredients in it, stir fry sounds great.

You get to choose all sorts of raw meat, chicken, beef, lamb or pork even seafood (marinated available if you want too) you add to this any or all of the vegetables available, add a little oil, any sauce flavouring you desire and simply hand it to the chef who then, right in front of you, cooks your stirfry to your liking, simple.
The food was fresh and inviting, there was only a small amount out at a time so it was constantly being changed with fresh stuff. The areas were clean and tidy and this can be difficult to do when you have everyone helping themselves all the time.
Half the fun was standing watching them cook your food. The boys were enthrailed with the flames flying up in the area when the chef made the oil light up and the smell was definitely mouth watering.

My 2 loved this idea and I am amazed at the stuff they agreed to eat, vegetables were being added that I was surprised they wanted and further more actually ate when cooked!
Because you get to choose your own ingredients then there is no wastage because everyone gets dinner how they want it.
Which makes for a pleasant meal because you then don't have to spend the whole meal listening to people saying "I don't like this!" or "I didn't want this tonight!" or "Did we have to have chicken tonight?"

Price wise, they were reasonable as well.
Adults $28.95 and children $3 + $1 per year of age (ie: 6 yrs = $9)
They had quite a few specials available as well.
Students with ID $22.95
Early Bird Special $24.95 (adult) - this is where you can eat between 5-7pm on Friday or Saturday evening but you must be out by 7.15pm.
We however, were not aware of this but we booked a table for 6pm, had dinner and were out by 7.15 anyway, so time wise we know that it was not a rush to eat in an allocated time frame and considering the queues for the food at 7pm I am gald we did eat earlier otherwise the boys would have been complaining about it taking so long, although the queues moved reasonably fast.

There are restaurants available in Auckland, Whangarei, Hamilton and Rotorua.

For a peace free meal where everyone eats what they want, cooked how they like it, I couldn't ask for anything better.
We will definitely be going back there.


  1. thanks for the review. i havent been to the Whangarei one yet...but Im tempted to take my kids too now. xx

  2. Oh please do, you can have as little or as much as you want, my husband actually went through twice. And the pancakes and ice cream to follow is good too

  3. I've been several times now, and some times I've been really impressed with the service, and other times, I've been quite discouraged!


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