Monday, January 17, 2011

New Section to Blog About: PRODUCTS!


I never thought I'd include a product section in our Undercover Blog... but lately I've been thinking, why not??

I don't blog about products on my regular blog... so many products are relevant only to New Zealand readers... but the readers of THIS blog are mostly Kiwis, so now I am thinking WHY NOT?

The principle remains the same... we aren't soliciting free stuff for the purposes of "review", we are sharing things with others that we love to use - or warning each other about the things we have discovered are a crappy waste of money.

So let the product blogging begin...

For myself I am going to start with a story about gluten free products. Everyone thinks going Gluten Free is expensive. Or bland and yucky. But I've been discovering some gluten free gems, which I want to share with you all.

What do you love? Have a favourite kitchen appliance/cake mix/cleaning product? Had a bad hair-dye job? Been sucked in by advertising? Wasted your money on the latest gizmo only to be disappointed?? Ahhh yes, I am looking forward to hearing your stories...

{Make sure you use the label "Products" and then a sub label e.g. Kitchen, grocery, beauty etc so we can easily find your stories in the contents.}


  1. Totally found the most amazing gluten free sausages at the market by te papa on sundays. They have great flavours like pork and apple and are made with good cuts of meat so not bad for you mmmm

  2. Ooh good idea! I have products galore to write about!


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