Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safran Restaurant: Perfect


When you're parents to a bunch of kids with no local grandparents to babysit, it's a rare treat to get a night out. Even more rare is a night out with other Friends who have kids. A whole bunch of you let out for the night, to eat and drink and talk uninterrupted. Bliss.
So a couple of weeks ago when a bunch of friends all met to go out for dinner, I probably wouldn't really have minded if we were meeting somewhere pretty average. The main thing was to be out, right?

We hitched a ride in our friends' car, boys in the front, girls in the back, giggling like teenagers off to a party and arrived in Newmarket with no idea what to expect from the restaurant. One of our freind's had picked it. None of us had been there except her. All we knew was the name and location: Safran, in Newmarket. Spanish and Mediterranean food.

First impressions: my kind of place.
Quirky, characterful, lots of candles and plenty of atmosphere.
The waiters all speak with intriguing accents and smile  a lot. Nothing is a problem.
There is plenty on the menu. Even for a gluten-free girl like me.
There were about 20 of us, all seated around a long banqueting table, having a great ole time. Safran is perfect for groups, but also can accommodate romantic twosomes with little nooks and crannies, all candlelit. It's the kind of place I would happily visit with my hubby. So much atmosphere, so relaxed. A place to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable.


I had left my camera behind so borrowed my mate's iPhone and annoyed everyone with my snapping of pics.
Totally loved the Sangria. Mmmm the dips were delish.
Nice big mains, I would have had the salmon (was served on something with wheat so no go for me) so i had the steak. Again: Delish.

Then it came to the dessert and I was scared. I rate a good restaurant by the quality and variety of their desserts, but would there be anything for me, Miss Gluten Free??
Oh happy day!! The pannacotta with star anise and apricot sauce. The waitress even knew which menu items were gluten free. Wow. And when my dessert came in all it's glory I was not disappointed. I did not feel deprived. It was delicious. And big. And oh so heavenly.

Oh Safran. Now that I have discovered thee will any other restaurant do? I will be back with bells on. And look, now I'm telling all my friends about you. Oh how I love Thee.

Safran Cafe Restaurant

71 Davis Crescent

Newmarket Auckland City

Ph 09-5205664

Website (with menus)


  1. Sounds lovely Simoney! Wish I was in Auckland to be able to visit it!!

  2. I have been 'doing lunch' here on & off for the last 3+ years and cannot give enough praise (and being ex hosp i'm a hard critic) Even better is that at lunch they do a fantastic $10 menu :)


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