Friday, October 1, 2010

The Finest Cafe Ever!


I love brunch. With a passion. So when I find a cafe with fabulous food and amazing coffee I am in heaven. Add to that an inspiring view out onto the ocean and to-die-for interior design and you have THE FINEST CAFE EVER!

So may I introduce Takapuna Beach Cafe....!

Right on Takapuna beach this gorgeous cafe is worth a visit. And then another and then another. I come here for any celebration I can think of and I am never disappointed. The food is different and so so good. And the coffee meets my exacting husband's coffee expectations.

I had the best iced mocha in my life here. I ordered one casually, never expecting the amazing-ness that was about to arrive. A glass with two scoops of chocolate ice cream, a shot of coffee in a little shooter glass and a small jug of milk. OH MY GOSH! You combine the lot to your taste and it was incredible. I would have licked the glass but managed to contain myself.

They have cakes and sweet goods kept on a table in the middle of the cafe under glass cloches. Try the gluten free chocolate hazelnut slice of goodness. You will not regret it.

But....a couple of warnings about paradise:

  1. It's (really) pricey
  2. The wait staff are not that friendly. I have seen quite a few TV stars here so I guess anyone else is second rate.
  3. This is not somewhere you want to wear your faded tracki pants to.
  4. It's not kid friendly at all. No space for prams indoors and totally open to the road outside.
STILL! Ignore all of that and give it a go. I love it there.

Oh yes, they have a deli and ice cream take-away section. I go for a walk on the beach and get gelato and coffee-to-go so my little boy can run wild on the grass outside. Yummo

Takapuna Beach Cafe
22 The Promende
Takapuna, Auckland
Ph 484 0002


  1. Righto Sammy... lets meet up there one saturday morning WITHOUT the kids! (Hubbies can take them to the beach while we do brunch, whaddya reckon??)

  2. I LOVE Takapuna cafe, i have no question about their service and food and the fabulous location. However it's not the place where i would go with a gaggle of kids, more meeting my girly friends to look fabulous and actually enjoy a coffee rather than swig it back asap and make a dash for the door with a screaming child. It's always packed (blessing and curse) this is a good sign as it measn everyone else things it's awesome too (and that is the get given the lobster timer if it's really busy as you can't book). But it's wonderful coffee, great slices and meals, and friendly staff. And if i go for a run along the beach i quite often stop at the takeaway part and grab a coffee to go and sit on the beach wall with a fabulous view!


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